Century Universal with Brace.
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Here is the C U camera with front standard brace.

Front and rear standard brace
My camera came with this brace, I did not make it. It looks like it was once perhaps a kit you could buy for this camera?? Ive heard reference to Edward Weston using a brace on his CU camera. Anyone know anything?
Same on both sides
Comprised of two tubes that slide inside each other.
Closeup of front attachment
I cant imagine this would be a difficult thing to make.
Rear attachment
The allen head screw was my idea.....It came with some ugly square head screws. I need to make some knobs with threaded shafts to match the rest of the hardware.

Closeup of sliding assembly.
For as bulky as these look they are quite light and lock everything down rock solid once in place.
Both slides together.

Front brace attachment plate.
Why these were made so big and ugly I dont know.
Rear brace attachment plate.
Same goes for these, although they are a bit smaller.

Further Information
If anyone out there has any information on this brace, please dont hesitate to contact me. Thanks Rob.