Homemade Boards
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Here's some of the stuff I've built.

First composit board: Carbon/Graphite/Kevlar/Glass/Marine ply.

Close up detail

ButtBoard: Marine 9 ply with fabric and glass

ButtBoard bottom: Marine 9 ply with fabric and glass

Downhill board on left, is still not finished

Stack O boards

First board on left was so stiff you could use as a diving board

second board with room for improvement

Vlam maple/cocobolo/purpleheart/glass & graphite

Bottom of Vlam, showing graphite.....nice and flexy

Under 3/8" thick and 36" long.

Camber view

Wifes board, marine ply and glass

Bottom view of wifes board

Lloyd Slalom Decks. Model#1

LSD side View

LSD camber view

Gary Holl Pro Model

Gary Holl Pro Model front