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110 Seismics
A couple photos showing how with a file and utility knife.....You can get N-Gens to fit.

110's with N-gens
They fit on with about 1/32" clearance.....sweeet!!
Shown with speed ring in place
I used a fine metal file to file the shoulder of the truck. I put the wheel on and noted where it rubs, and then remove, and file a little....then repeat this process over and over till you have it right. Be carefull not to file too much down near the spring...dont need to weaken this area.
Note that built in speed ring is gone
I removed the speed ring that is cast into the truck hanger for a little more axle.....I used a utility knife to do this. Then I added a thin metal speed ring (half the thickness) to give the bearing a good surface to snug up against. If you use new locknouts each time you put on wheels...this approach seems workable.....at least till we get longer axles.